Saturday, August 2, 2008

brother's grim

the frequency of my sweat drowns my heart. humidity clouds my every thought... carbon dioxide has punished me long enough with the taunt of insects drinking my veins of my patience. the toast of heat has celebrated victory too long, let the under arm of the restless be clothed in antiperspirant that actually works. may the success of dry pits be causality not of environment but of grace from heaven.

other than that, houston's pretty good.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

the beard

the 1990's top chart single from backstreet boys titled 'i want it that way' was a smash hit. selling millions of copies.
but are you familiar with the almost? the third best... the didn't quite make-it-big... the we are in a band, more like we are all waiters at a local restaurant to pay bills and we get together on weekends to have 'jam-sessions' in someone's parents garage.
well the later of the two tails once wrote song called, 'i wish i could grow an awesome beard, really fast'

it is a psalm of the soul... plying through the everyday of this world. seeking truth and fighting peril amongst the lost.

for i once had a beard, then i shaved it... my beard wasn't even that good... it was just long and thin and scragglely... but i now wish i could have it back... i enjoyed the change of a shave. but for too long, my face lays baren... the scruff i attempt to grow many tease and call a 'neck-stash' for that is what it is.

the heavy hearted come with sad souls... the well bearded lead spartan lives of manliness and fearlessness...
in the wild he is at rest with god.

written in cardboard..(slightly less commited than stone) : i venture out, to find god... i have not decided if i must go alone... but i know that i must go.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

what's up houston

i miss my family very much.

my mom is better than your mom.

what i have learned since being humid:
-kids will be kids
-i am an idiot
-and a selfish idiot at that
-i am in love

-write me a love song lacy